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5 Best North County Neighborhoods for Singles Over 50 to Mingle

A wise man once said that it is better to live where you play than live where you work. For singles after the age of 50, we’ve taken a look at the best places to live and play, whether you’re looking to meet someone or enjoying flying solo. We’ve rated the neighborhoods based on best places to get out and walk and be a part of the community, year-round activities, restaurants and entertainment.

Single? Buying a House Without a Spouse

Maybe you thought by now, you would have had the whole life partner thing figured out, but you still haven’t found your person. Maybe you’ve already been married and it just didn’t work out. If so, you’re not alone - only 52% of the U.S. is married. Being single doesn’t have to stop you from the benefits of home ownership. Twenty percent of home buyers are single women and 11% are single men. Read on for three reasons to buy solo.

Downsizing - When Is It Time to Let Go of the Family Home?

As we head into the holiday season and begin preparations for family gatherings, homeowners often find themselves reconsidering their needs. Grandparents may find that rather than their children and grandkids coming to see them, it’s much simpler for them to jump on a plane to visit their grandkids for the holidays. Those with adult children may find that their kids would rather use their time off to travel and explore the rest of the world. For those heading into retirement themselves, the holidays may just be the opportunity to begin checking off items on their own bucket lists. All of these situations considered, there comes a time when some homeowners begin to wonder, do we really need all this space? Read on for three signs it may be time to downsize.

Turning Over a New Leaf: Three Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Fall 

Considering putting your home on the market this fall or just looking for ways to brighten your home during shorter days? From fall colors to outdoor lighting to basic home maintenance, you won’t be-leaf the difference that little changes will make!

Getting a Divorce? 3 Ways to Prepare Your Home and Yourself

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. Whether one person has already moved out or you’re trying to cohabitate until you’ve decided who is living where and getting what, feelings have a way of spilling out even if you don’t intend them to. As a Realtor with both personal and professional divorce experience, I’ve been on both sides of the table; I’ve been through the splitting up of assets in my own divorce and advised my divorcing clients through the sales of their homes. Read on for three lessons I learned in the process.

Become Who You Are: 4 Ways to Thrive as Empty Nesters

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw. As first-time college students head off to the dorms this fall, many parents will be finding themselves with space and free time they haven’t had in a long while. Life as an empty nester can be exciting and intimidating at once. If you’re struggling in a home that is suddenly far too tranquil, read on for ways to conquer the quiet.

Off to College? Advice for the Journey

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards."  ―Vernon Sanders Law. As another group of students head off to college this fall, it has those of us in the older generation reflecting on the lessons we learned later in life that we wish we’d known when we were heading off to college. What would we tell our younger selves if we had the chance?

 Buying at the Beach: 4 Ways to Protect Your Investment

Picture yourself stepping outside your home and walking down to the shore for a morning surf or entertaining friends on your deck while watching the sun descend into an orange tinted horizon, the sound of waves your background music. For many, a San Diego beach home with whitewater views and sand access is the ultimate dream, but environmental considerations and unique related costs can make the reality of buying at the beach seem less than idyllic. Whether you’re shopping for a rental home or a forever home to enjoy your family, it's crucial to educate yourself on how to best protect your investment.

Looking For  an Investment Home? Your Guide to San Diego's Short-Term Vacation Rules for Homeowners

Whether you live out-of-state and you’re looking for a vacation home in San Diego or you’re a local San Diegan hoping to invest in a short-term rental property - a beach home is an excellent way to put your money to work for you! However, before you buy, it’s important to familiarize yourself with San Diego County’s Short-Term Residential Ordinances. Read on for a brief introduction to each coastal city’s policies.

3 Ways to Revitalize Your Dad Pad

With Father’s Day just behind us and warm weather ahead, summer is an ideal time for re-examining how our homes serve our dads. Far evolved from the "man cave," today’s favored parts of the home include the home gym, outdoor kitchen and dining areas, and game rooms that go beyond merely watching sports to honing one's own skills. Read on for ideas on how to optimize the areas where dads and men spend their time!

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