Building Buyer Anticipation

Market Your Home in 3 Stages

Are you looking to sell a home in San Diego County? Pre-marketing is a proven strategy to build anticipation, drive demand, and help sellers get the best offer, faster. To achieve the highest possible sales price, I recommend a three-stage marketing plan that leverages my private network of top agents, public pre-marketing of your home as a Coming Soon, as well as an official marketing campaign when the listing is fully ready to launch.

STAGE 1: Private Exclusive

There are many reasons why a seller might desire to keep their home off the internet when they are selling. Perhaps you are not sure if it’s the best time to move, you want to assure that you get the best return on the investment you made in your home, or you want to sell while the market is strong, but your home isn’t quite move-in ready. A Compass Private Exclusive listing is a home that is not on the multiple listing service, but which I market directly to my personal and professional networks reaching a substantial group of buyers. This allows you time to take advantage of our team’s expert advice as well as the Compass Concierge program to optimize your home’s appearance in order to maximize its sales price or get a feel for how your home will do in the current market. Private Exclusives allow you time to prepare your home for showings, photos, and sale while matching with potential buyers and testing your sales price, before going public. For active buyers ready to make their move, working with a San Diego Compass real estate agent like myself is a good way to gain access to information about these exclusive offerings. 

STAGE 2: Coming Soon 

Listing your San Diego property early as a Coming Soon on gives buyers and their agents a heads up that the home is about to hit the market. Once the property is announced as Coming Soon, our team rolls out vibrant social media, web and email campaigns on a variety of platforms (including the MLS within one business day) to generate buzz until your home is ready for showings for up to 21 days. It allows buyers and agents to ask questions, do their research, and schedule showings in advance.


STAGE 3: Active on the MLS

With this three stage plan, by the time your San Diego property is ready to be presented to qualified buyers, focused buyers and their agents have had the opportunity to decide whether they want to see it. To reach even more prospective buyers, my San Diego Compass team utilizes our proprietary technological resources to launch the next stage of our robust and effective marketing campaign. Our online and print materials are specifically designed to reach active buyers and their agents ensuring your home sells for a competitive price.


For a personalized marketing plan for your San Diego home or to learn more about how you can get access to Compass Private Exclusive network, give me a call today!

Linda Lederer Bernstein

Linda Lederer Bernstein

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