Refresh Your Home This Fall

Thinking about selling your home and wondering what to do to get your home ready? Cooler seasons can be a tricky time to keep up your curb appeal and show your home in its best light. Whether you're planning to sell this fall or just want to get a jump start on the new year, here are some ideas you can do right now to prep your home to sell faster and for more money! 


1. Enhance Your Landscaping

- Prune trees and shrubs

- Adjust your sprinkler system

- Add evergreen potted trees by the front door for a pop of seasonal color

- Think bright - add lights outside to create a welcoming ambiance




2. Address Deferred Maintenance

- Inspect your drains

- Clear and clean gutters

- Fix broken pathways and make sure railings are sturdy

- Repair your roof




 3. Create a Cozy Interior

- Decorate with candles and flowers

- Update your bedding and linens

- Add throw rugs and blankets 

- Stock wood by the fireplace 



4. Keep The Cold Out


- Clean and inspect fireplaces and chimneys

- Clean your furnace and its filter

- Seal cracks around windows


Getting ready to sell and not sure where to begin? I can help you prioritize and put you in touch with my network of contractors to get you started. Call me today for a home consultation to discuss preparation and pricing your home for sale.

Linda Lederer Bernstein

Linda Lederer Bernstein

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